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Open Bible Baptist Church

331 North Second St., Elkhart, Indiana 46516

(Elkhart City’s population in 2005 was about 52,000. Elkhart City is near the northwest corner (upper left corner) of Elkhart County; note: though Elkhart City is the biggest city in Elkhart County, it is not the county seat--Goshen is the county seat.)


Directions for locating Open Bible Baptist Church in downtown Elkhart City.


In the center of downtown Elkhart there is a McDonald’s Restaurant on the east side of Main Street (the next closest McDonald’s Restaurant is about 2 miles away).

From that downtown McDonald’s Restaurant:

1.   Go north 2 blocks to Sycamore Street

2.   Then west 1 block to Second Street

3.   OBBC is on the southwest corner of Second and Sycamore Streets.  OBBC has white clapboard siding.

OBBC’s lighted, informational sign stands by itself in front of the church, near the street corner.  The sign is about 8 ft. high, 5 ft. wide, and 1½ ft. deep, and its housing is made of red brick with a small shingled roof on top of it.  You can view our church and this sign on this website's "Welcome" page.

OBBC is one block south of the St. Joseph River.  Main Street has bridge over that river which is three blocks north of the center of downtown Elkhart City.

Note: MapQuest's map that automatically pops up when you click your cursor on the "Get Directions" button below may mistakenly show OBBC's location 1 block south of where it actually is.

The MapQuest link below will show you the path to take from your home (anywhere in the United States) to our church.

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