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Indianapolis, IN

     The above clock is accurate to the second for Indianapolis, IN (which has the same time as Elkhart, IN).  Courtesy of NIST in Boulder, CO; this time is based on an atomic clock.



     For a planet clock showing times in all 24 time zones in the world and which has the same accuracy as the clock above, click on the following link: <http://www.arachnoid.com/lutusp/worldclock.html>. 



     Current weather in Elkhart, IN is provided by www.AccuWeather.com as a service to Open Bible Baptist Church.


Cat Bowls


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This page contains an anthology or collection of sub-pages on various themes—some exciting and others serious.  Those themes are briefly described by the links’ titles.  Click on the link of your choice, and please remain seated while we will take you there!

___ Link 1

Church News and Pictures

___ Link 3

Church Business Meetings

___ Link 2

Darwin on Trial

___ Link 4

Abortion—Letter to the Editor and More

___ Link 5

Open Air Preaching

___ Link 6

Church selection guide and checklist






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