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The following resources cannot be overlooked by the serious Christian.

Life's most important question,

Principal learning resources for the Bible of Christianity
  • Finest Bible-believing bookstore available

    Bible Baptist Bookstore, P.O. Box 7135, Pensacola, FL 32534.  This bookstore is simply the best AV 1611-oriented bookstore in existence; it has an embarrassing wealth of material defending the King James Bible.  Their excellent, mail-order catalog of materials is available upon request.  850/ 477-8812 (voice), 800/ 659-1478, 800/ 726-4631, 888/ 558-1611, (all three toll-free numbers are for voice credit card & account orders only), 850/ 477-3795 (fax).



  • Bookstore with lots of good TR-based materials

    Bible For Today, 900 Park Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108.  This ministry has a very large inventory of TR-oriented materials on the version problem, but due to a faulty TR-only view it lacks some of the best Bible-believing material.  An extensive catalog of materials is available upon request.  856/ 854-4452 (voice: orders, inquiries, problems, questions), 800/ 564-6109 (credit card & account orders only), 856/ 854-2464 (fax).



  • The Bible of Christianity in the Spanish-speaking world

    The Valera Bible society publishes the leading and authorized Reina-Valera 1865 Bible for the Spanish-speaking world.  Among Bible Christians, the past fifteen years has seen a pronounced onrush of activity in translating the Spanish Scriptures.  Sadly, accompanying this increased activity has been a parallel increase in often sharp and rending strife between those who believe Scripture and those who have a loose view of it.  On the bright side, this situation shows that the Spanish world has a tremendous hunger and thirst for the pure Words of God, and are willing to fight with their lives to get it!  Their dominant false and oppressive religion for centuries held them back from drinking the pure Word of God, but that pent up demand is now pouring forth like a mighty, unstoppable river.  To God be the glory!  Woe unto him that stands in their way.


  • The most loved tracts in America and beyond

    Chick Publications.  Inarguably Jack Chick stands at the head of the line in producing tracts that get read and work.  This necessarily resulted in sustained, hard charging criticism against him.  But the overwhelming Christian success of his tracts far and away overturns the critics—they are like a mouse attacking an elephant.


  • The consensus of America's best Bible believing Pastors and Evangelists is clear about which institution of higher learning presently has the most positive worldwide influence.

    A modern day, world-class reformer stood among us, the like of John Wycliffe (1329-1384), William Tyndale (1494-1536), and Martin Luther (1483-1546): Dr. Peter Sturges Ruckman (1921-2016).

    Dr. Ruckman, M.A., Th.M., Ph.D., a fellow soldier of the cross, was longtime pastor of the large Bible Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL, and president of Pensacola Bible Institute (P.O. Box 7135, Pensacola, FL 32534), a ministry of that church. He was the world’s foremost champion and defender of the AV 1611, and who was also a leading authority on Biblical manuscript evidence. He has authored many first-rate, doctrinally sound books on numerous subjects of the Bible, but particularly on its preservation. God has used him coast-to-coast and around the world as the principal leader in raising the awareness of that Bible’s truth. It is often said he was probably the most brilliant theologian in his lifetime. In debates concerning the Bible’s doctrine on the preservation of God's words, he has emerged the indomitable and decisive champion each and every time. Some of those riveting and breathtaking debates are on video, including one with a high-ranking Roman Catholic opponent. His goal was to have the best spiritually fed congregation in the world, and a majority of Bible believers around the globe agree he had probably achieved that aim. For decades he has read a book a day, and he ran two miles a day—barefoot! Due to advancing age, only in last couple of years had this octogenarian finally given up playing shoe hockey (shoes are worn, not skates) once a week.

  • Creation science

    Bible believers' first choice among well-known Creation Evangelists is always Dr. Kent Hovind. This is due to his unique feature of never criticizing or correcting the Bible of Christianity. His no-nonsense approach about origins without fail always leaves Darwin’s enthusiasts on the short end of the debate howling “unfair, unfair”! The devil’s crowd desires to make it appear that the very beginning of the Bible is false and thereby with sleight-of-hand seem to break through God’s impenetrable defense surrounding his Scriptures, and then run amuck through the inspired word, pillaging, plundering, and sacking the faith of many. Dr. Hovind’s invincible weapon, in the last analysis, is his fine, 66 caliber, full-featured, hardened and battle-ready, black-backed 1611 artillery piece. When he draws darting evolutionists (modern-day Philistines and Canaanites) in the cross-hairs of God’s word, they flop belly-up, stone cold DOA. He also is a leading scientific authority in all aspects of the evolution debate and turns Darwinian arguments on their heads. This prolific author has a great amount material, including DVD’s of numerous creation-evolution debates. His series of seven videos/DVD’s entitled Creation Evangelism is a “must see.” It inoculates children and adults against the wiles of monkey-man talk, which is currently the favorite belief system of the lost. This material is foundational.

Publick Ministry (Street Preaching). See Acts 20:20, etc. These sites fully document from Scripture, God’s continual, pressing and world-changing mandate for Open Field Campaigning.

Good basic commentaries on today's pressing social issues.
  • Pressing social issues examined by the Bible.

    For excellent, Bible-believing, 20 (about) minute messages on important issues of today, call Dial-the-Truth Message (DTTM), 205/ 680-9206 (not toll-free; you may want to call during your telephone carrier's less expensive night and weekend rates).  After connecting, press the following numbers on your telephone keypad:

    (1) About hell

    (2) About the resurrection

    (3) How soon Jesus Christ’s return is

    (4) About 666

    (5) About the Bible

    (6) About the attack on the Bible

    (7) Rock music

    (8) Rock & roll (it kills)

    (9) Christian rock

    (0) Abortion (what the public media won’t dare tell you)

    Also, click on the link above to visit Dial-the-Truth Message website.

Baptist church listing websites

Other good websites.


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